max II
Swim across still ponds and streams, climb steep hills. Add tracks and you can go through deep snow and forbidding swamps. Standard: Headlights, taillights, forward and reverse gear, electric start, trailer hitch, steel chassis and an almost unbreakable high density polyethylene body.
max IV
It’s only 10 inches longer than the MAX II, but its ingenious design allows you to carry four full-sized adults. Five gallon fuel tank gives up to nine hours of operating time.
Fitted with 26 inch tyres for maximum ground clearanceand waterspeed. Same standard features as the MAX II.

The world's first amphibious dumptruck. The Buffalo is six-wheel drive, carries two passengers and has a payload capacity of 1000 lbs. It also has a towing capacity of 1000 lbs. The dump bed, which is raised and lowered electrically is 53 inches long, 51 inches wide and 10 inches deep. The bed is plastic coated to prevent rusting.
Available now in Australia...Mudd-Ox 8x8
Introducing a new standard in 8 wheel drive off road amphibious vehicles. With a full hydrostatic transmission and revolutionary mid engine design, the Mudd-Ox 8x8 is a superbly balanced, feature packed machine ready to take you and your family and friends to unchartered territory.


1) Six-wheel drive…
5) Climb steep hills and obstacles…
2) Amphibious…
6) Non-differential transmission…
3) Zero turning radius…
7) Safety…
4) Drive where you can’t walk...
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